PureVPN vs HideMyAss – Which one is the best VPN provider

The Internet is a place where privacy is rarely maintained. Although all the top institutions claim to grant you complete privacy on your internet browsing, the truth is far from near. This is the reason a lot of us need to use VPN to hide our identity and browse or use services in a discreet manner. Many users also use a VPN because a particular service is not available in their country and thus they want to use it by hiding their identity. For someone new to the VPN space, it would be difficult to choose the best one to get started with. You might have heard of PureVPN and HideMyAss as the best VPN providers out there but if you want to choose one out of them, the below comparison shall help you out.

Countries reach

Both PureVPN and HideMyAss provide a wide reach throughout the world. HideMyAss has its services spread in 190 countries whereas PureVPN provides its services in around 141 countries. As we can see, both the services have a good reach but HideMyAss leads PureVPN by around 51 countries in total. So, before choosing a VPN you must check whether it provides all its services in your country and then go ahead with it.

Number of servers

Since a lot of users around the world use VPN, you should be aware of the number of servers each VPN provider has. HideMyAss has more than 900 servers spread out throughout the world. PureVPN is well ahead of its competitors but falls short of HideMyAss at around 500 plus servers in the countries it provides its services in. Before you make a final choice, consider this factor as you definitely don’t want your browsing experience to be hampered by a lack of servers by the VPN provider.

Number of IPs

A VPN is all about giving you a different IP address so that your identity is masked. HideMyAss has around 125,000 plus IP addresses which it can assign to its users. On the same hand, PureVPN comes with around 80,000 plus IP addresses to go with. The number of IPs is an important factor and if you think in terms of this factor, HideMyAss is a better option to choose.


Most of us are concerned about pricing and both the providers’ offer economical pricing but PureVPN beats HideMyAss by a huge margin when it comes to pricing. For a 1 year plan, HideMyAss will cost you around $78.60 but for the same duration, PureVPN would only cost you $44.99. You can see the huge price difference between both the services and if price is your concern, PureVPN is the best choice you can make.

The Last Words

As we have seen in this comparison and you can also checkout the same in HandyBits PureVPN review, both the services are pretty reliable. HideMyAss is better in various aspects, but when it comes to price then it can be a huge let down for people wanting to buy a VPN service. This informative comparison shall surely help you in choosing the best VPN service.

How to get cool items from Pokestops?

Pokemon Go comes with many features. Amongst those features there is PokeStops. These PokeStops not only let you collect items but also provides many cool items. When you find a PokeStop, tap on the marker to see a real picture of the location. Now, to see the PokeStop’s various selection of items just swipe on the picture. Bubbles will appear with the items inside of them. You just have to pop the bubbles to get the loot. The loot can be anything from Poke Balls to Potions or even an egg. Once you visit a PokeStop, you can’t visit it again for about five minutes. read full article here


Tip 1: Players on higher trainer levels have chances with better and rarer items. Items appear at random and there is no strategy behind it. Although, certain items will only appear after a certain level. For example, only when you reach Level 5 and when you are able to challenge Gyms, you will receive Potions and Revives to heal your Pokemon.

Tip 2: You can also catch Pokemon at PokeStops. The first thing you should do is buy Lure Modules in the game’s shop. Although Lure Modules cannot be found at PokeStops they can be bought. They cost 100 PokeCoins each, or 99 cents each. Then you can attach it to a PokeStop which attracts tons of Pokemon– which not only you but other players can then try to catch. You’ll get 30 minutes of Pokemon gathering when you place a Lure. You can identify if a Lure Module has been attached to a PokeStop by seeing floating pink flowers.

What items can be found at a PokeStop?

The following items are commonly found at PokeStops:

  • Pokeball – This is the most common item that can be used to catch Pokemon.
  • Potion – These are meant for recovering the HP (how much heat a Pokemon is capable of taking) of a Pokemon after a battle.
  • Super Potion – It is a more effective healer potion.
  • Hyper Potion – It is an even better healer potion. It is essential if you’re regularly attacked by other teams’ gyms.
  • Max Potion – It fully restores your Pokemon’s health in one go.
  • Razz Berry – It is meant for Pokemon to eat. They make it easier to catch Pokemon.
  • Revive – Revive is used to restore a Pokemon if it passes out during a battle.
  • Egg – Each egg has a Pokemon inside of it. You place eggs inside of incubators, and they’ll hatch at after you walk for miles.
  • Lucky Egg – When a Lucky Egg is eaten, it will double your (the trainer’s) experience for 30 minutes.
  • Incense – This attracts Pokemon to a trainer for 30 minutes.
  • Great and Ultra Balls – These are powerful Poke Balls that can catch rarer, stronger Pokemon.
  • Master Balls – These have a 100-per-cent capture rate. They never fail.
  • Incubators – They are used for hatching eggs.

So if you want to download this cool game then click on the download link.

Awesome Geek Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner and lots of people are still struggling with what to wear, I know I am. Hopefully, this fun and simple geeky Halloween costumes will give you some ideas- and most of them are homemade! Get creative this Halloween and have some fun.


These awesome Transformers actually transform, or well we hope so because after a few beers I can only imagine what it might be like to have to go to the restroom in one of these outfits!


Sexy Darth Vader costume is definitely hot for ladies (and men if they are all about the lycra)! This outfit is super fun and sure to be a hit at any party you go to, but you might want to use the restroom prior to hitting up the dance floor- I can’t tell in this photo if the girl is in pain or just really needs to pee!


The earth friendly reminder iPhone costume… just a reminder for us to remember to recycle or donate our old unused cell phones.


It’s Bender from Futurama! How could you not love a smoking, beer drinking foul-mouthed robot that will exist years in the future? Awesome costume design!

One of my favorite costumes and food for that matter- SUSHI! Going as a piece of raw fish for Halloween has got to have some perks right? Either way, throw a couple of pillows and some black ribbon around your head and you’re done.

No geek Halloween costume list could be complete without the epic his and hers Star Wars costumes- “Live long and Prosper!”

Can’t decide what you want to wear or tired of the same old boring costumes?
The free CostumeDecider app makes Halloween way more twisted. Spin the wheels for 625 fiendishly original costume ideas. Then wear — if you dare. Just something fun to help create some unique and fun Halloween ideas.

Watch your favourite Halloween movies and shows only on MovieBox app.


Why You Should Stream Music Online

Do you ever feel stressed out? There are tons of ways to remedy that. While it sucks to go home after a stressful day of work and be faced with more problems, you can easily relax to good tunes from your music library. Technology has made this very accessible, with you being able to stream music in your devices, from PC to mobile phones! Your smartphone is now able to carry all the music you want, where you can listen to it anytime and anyplace! It’s what makes your smartphone the best, especially when you’re stuck in situations where you are at your boiling point and need some tunes to wind you down a bit.

Why Stream Music?

There are tons of benefits when it comes to streaming music. It isn’t only something that has you relax after a stressful day of work, but it can also help you pass time with entertainment. After all, don’t you hate waiting in places without songs or something to listen to? It’s a great way to put entertainment to certain chores and errands, such as cleaning the house or studying. You’ll be able to find millions of songs available for you, depending on your preference. Whether you like rock or classical, or even screams or talk shows, you’l find it in music libraries that are available on smartphones! Another great thing about it is that many of these music streaming apps are free of charge and hold more features than simply giving you the music you want and need.


Apps For Streaming Music

There are many music streaming apps you are able to download, making it difficult for you to choose from the bunch! Luckily, there are good reviews out there that will help you be able to choose the best app for Android when streaming music. Here are some of them:

  1. YouTube – this isn’t exactly something that focuses on music streaming, but you will be able to find the best songs here! It’s got millions of songs and videos available for you to save to watch for later, and you can even save it for offline watching or listening!
  1. Google Play Music – This is the app for Android smartphones, as Google rolls in something universal as compared to iTunes and iTube . It’s usually pre-installed and shouldn’t be taken for granted, as it’s got tons of features you can benefit from.google-play-music

In Conclusion

Streaming music has a ton of benefits you are able to take advantage of. Not only will you be able to relax, but you get to let time pass with great music depending on your preference! There are millions of songs available to be downloaded online, and with the proper app, you’ll be able to get it all and more. Hopefully, these apps featured will enable you to make the right choice and cut your search short when looking for apps to download. So what are you waiting for? Check these apps now and start listening to your favorite music with ease!

Trampoline and its various types

A Trampoline is a good toy for children and sometimes it may be harder for the children. Nowadays, everything is expensive, so that everyone doesn’t even know what to get them for their children. While trampoline is the few good options for the kid’s entertainment along with the fun. If   someone required that their children have the best time during the summer sunny holidays, for that reason only, they are considered for getting them a trampoline. Before buying the trampoline get the product info and details at TrampolineReviewer. This website helps the buyer to know well about the trampoline types and the customer reviews. Always do some careful research and find a flimsy model easily adopted by every child.


Types of trampoline

There are different types of trampoline available, the trampoline buying guide which helps for the customers to search out for a specific type of options. There are many differences between the trampolines in the terms of style, size, and the quantity. First of all, everybody thinks about the different sizes of the trampoline. The trampoline can be used by both the children as well as the adult. The A 14’ size specifically suitable for the adults and 12’ size will be suitable for the children. The different types of trampoline are toddler trampoline, best kids trampoline, best mini trampoline, best rectangle trampoline moreover the trampoline with enclosure also available for the kids. For indoor use, mini trampoline is suitable especially for the smaller children. The smaller recreational trampolines are easily portable and  this trampoline generally comes with a lot of fun as well as the interesting shapes of square, round or octagonal shape. The competitive trampolines are made from the sturdy materials like the iron or some special types of fabrics and this type of trampoline is not suitable for the sports events. Trampoline  does not give fun for children only, it also gives fun for adults also. The competing  models put together  the trampolines and make the higher jumps along with the complex stunts. Even, the trampoline is highly used in the international competitions also. Click here to find out more regarding safest trampoline.

Trampoline rate

The rate of the trampoline mainly depends on the size, brand and the overall quality along with the long-term sturdiness. The price can be classified into  three distinct categories. Each of the trampoline comes with the specific pricing ranges and the various qualities which can be suited according to the people requirement and what they want from the new trampoline along with how much amount they are willing to invest in the trampoline. The high-end trampoline represents the most expensive varieties of trampolines on the market and the children along with  the adults also getting more fun in the high-end trampoline. The high-end trampolines are more  durable

Getting Rid of Hard Water – Tips and Advice to Soften Your Water

Hard water is sometimes a trouble for our houses! It leads to various problems both in the water using equipment installed at our homes and the water pipes as well. Health wise too, the hard water is troublesome especially for the skin. If you have a sensitive skin, then long term usage of hard water can lead to various skin related disorders.

So, all in all, there are plenty of reasons to get rid of the hard water through various tricks.

What is hard water?

Hard water implies that the water is having a high level of mineral content and it is formed when there is a high deposition of chalk and limestone in it. Hardness of water is of two types:

  • Temporary hardness
  • Permanent hardness 

What are the effects of hard water?

You actually need to know that why should you actually employ the methods for softening of hard water. The following are the general effects of the hard water:

  • Hard water produces less lather with the soap. You can check out more details and facts on this website.
  • In the plumbing too, hard water forms deposits that causes clogging. This leads to lesser flow of water through the pipes. This effect often leads to failure of the boilers.
  • Corrosion due to deposition of ions.
  • In a water pool, the water becomes a bit milky or unclear due to the presence of hard water.
  • Hard water may harm the plants as well
  • The clothes may becomes more yellowish in appearance

Getting Rid of Hard Water - Tips and Advice to Soften Your Water

How the hardness of water can be determined?

To treat the hard water it is very essential to know the level of hardness the water has. The samples of the hard water can be tested in a laboratory where the levels of the following minerals will be checked for the presence in the water sample:

  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium

Hardness of the hard water is measured in grains per gallon also known as GPG. The different level of water hardness is as follows:

  • 0 to 1 GPG constitutes soft hardness
  • to 3.4 GPG indicates slight hardness
  • 3.4 to 7.1 is for moderate hardness
  • 7.1 to 10.6 indicates hard
  • A level well above 10.6 GPG tells that the water has a very high level of hardness

Tips to treat hard water

Below are mentioned those tricks through which the hardness of water can be treated. If you’re looking to buy a treatment tool, then the following informative website on Water Softener reviews will help. 

  • Boiling the hard water makes the minerals get deposited at the bottom of the container
  • Treating it with lime and soda ash precipitates the minerals which can be removed through the process of precipitation
  • Adding sodium bicarbonate
  • Water conditioners which are magnetic or electronic
  • Polyphosphate feeders: Use the polyphosphate crystals which are dissolved in water and coat themselves around the minerals present in the water.
  • Ion exchange water softeners: Simplest method to treat the hardness by removing the magnesium and calcium in water.
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